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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Things To Do To Move Back!

I knew that I would be overwhelmed by how much packing I would do to move back home so, I have already moved my winter garments and some other stuff during my last two car trips to Istanbul.

There is actually not too much to pack but, since I am pretty lazy around the house, I am procrastinating. 

Then I remembered this from an old training course: How do you eat an elephant? The answer is "bite by bite". So, today I will pack clothes and accessories I shall not need within a month, do a load or two of laundry and look at the kitchen cupboards to see if I have enough boxes and tapes and bubble packs.

I have already found the carrier company to handle moving my stuff, thanks to a co-worker. Only a couple of things shall be sent to Istanbul, the rest will go to Antalya. There is an apartment co-owned by my uncle and mom.

I went grocery-shopping after work today. I knew there was not much to eat at home due to my very long vacation but I also did not want to overspend without checking what's on hand either. So, I quickly grabbed some fresh fish, bread, canned fish for another night and some non-food stuff and came home.

I was famished and feeling tired so, I quickly grilled the fish and gobbled it up. Then I decided to watch a favorite show before I started to pack. After the show I decided to write this post. See procrastination here?

Well after the post I think, I will have run out of reasons not to start working and finally accomplish something tonight. The hardest part is to start. Rest is easy:) So, off I go to attack the laundry first!

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