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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Yikes! Stuff will not fit...

I am almost at the end of my packing spree and I do not think, I will be able to fit everything in my car on Saturday. I must carry some of the stuff to my mom's home so that she can keep them for me until my next visit. My winter tires would also not fit so, those too need to be picked next time as well.

After the movers pick up the stuff on Friday, I shall need to bring everything that will ride with me to the entrance and then take down the curtains. I shall take the curtains to my mom. She will wash and keep them since I do not need them anymore. On Saturday, I will come banck to the apartment put everything in my car, give the keys to the real estate broker and head back to Istanbul.

So far, I think I am at 90% as far as packing is concerned. I hope to be done tomorrow.

This has been a harder job than I anticipated but so far I have done well.

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