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Monday, October 8, 2012

A Good Beginning for The Week

Today, I woke up at 7:30 by myself which is incredible because I almost always need my alarm to go off and I had trouble falling asleep last night.

I showered, gathered my things and headed for the nearest Starbucks for breakfast and for doing some work on the project that I am trying to get familiar with. I put in three hours of solid work which was really good. I started to get a better understanding of the project at hand and I started moving a lot faster with what I have to do.

I went to IKEA to exchange some covers I had bought for the love seat and also to pick up a couple of items for mom. After that I went to the REAL right next to IKEA to look at suitcases but I was neither impressed by the quality nor the prices. I picked up some trash bags, Himalayan Salt, hair color and diswasher detergent. They had the store brand on sale so, I am going to give it a shot. It was significantly cheaper than the other detergents.

I dropped by the Pharmacy to pick up my thyroid medication and came home. After resting briefly, I pickled the peppers and the beets I had bought last week. The beets will be ready in 4-5 days but the peppers will need at least three weeks. I made myself dinner and I would like to work another couple of hours after I post this. So, I am pretty happy with what I have done. Oh! And by the way, I walked 5000 steps doing all these chores. I know the ultimate goal is 10,000 steps but after a very sedentary life, I cannot change my ways so drastically.

It also rained quiet a bit today and I feel the temperatures are falling fast. The Fall is finally here. I am sure during my drive tomorrow, I shall be able to see nice Fall colors but, it is never like New England. I miss the Fall of New England. I am hoping and planning a three week vacation next Fall.

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