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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Caring for the elderly

I had mentioned that my sister and her husband are having a tough time because of her MIL's cerebral hemorrage. She has been in the hospital ever since and things are not improving. It is unlikely that she will get better and walk again. She is not much aware of the situation or her surroundings either. Some days she recognizes people, some days she can not. She is unable to speak and move her right hand and right leg.

My brother in law is devastated. He is an only child and his mother's situation is very difficult for him. His father was staying at the hospital during the night and he was staying during the day but his days off are limited and he must get back to work soon. His father recently had an episode of high blood pressure and a massive nose bleed. Since he was at the hospital, they were able to treat him quickly. He is 74 and is totally drained so, my sister and her husband hired someone to stay with the patient at night. 

It looks like they will require 24 hour care at home and at the hospital so, today I e-mailed my yahoo groups to see if someone can recommend an agency or care-takers that they know of.

Nursing homes are not popular in this country and they are always considered as a last resort. 

I keep praying for the family. I hope I will pass quickly and never need any care when it is time. May God have mercy on everyone...