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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Chores and Work

When I brought more of the stuff I had left behind, my apartment turned into a chaotic place one again although it's not as bad as it was.

Here is today's chores:
1.Fold the laundry (half done)
2. Re-organize the sheet and towel drawers
3. Start the dish washer (Done!)
4. Do work related chores for at least three hours
5. Change the bed (I need a lightweight comforter now that it started cooling down gradually)

I will first start doing some work because it is an activity which earns money. I will have a half hour break during which I will attack the rest of the laundered stuff and change my bed. I will make a coffee and go back to work. Sheet and towel drawers may wait a little longer.

Generally speaking I have more chores around the apartment and I will post a long list later on.

I have the TV on with the Easy Listening Channel on. The background is a slide show of beautiful foliage stills. Gotta get to work now.

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