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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

One shopping tip that does not work for me...

You know they always tell you never to go grocery shopping when hungry. I agree with that because, I realized more than once that whenever I shopped hungry, unhealthy snacks hop into my cart. That's bad. However, when I'm full, I tend to not buy even necessary things because they do not appeal to me. I came to realize why that happens.

I do not plan menus at all because, my mood changes even during the day let alone the week. Being a Gemini may have something to do with that but, I do not know really. When I tried to come up with menus for the whole week, I almost never stuck to that list. That means many things get thrown out. That's very bad.

So, my shopping list would have entries like fruit, veggies, meat but does not go into details as to which fruits or veggies or whether I should buy chicken, red meat or turkey. I look for good prices and fresh looking veggies and fruits. When I am full, nothing looks good. So, I end up buying very few items and when I get back home and when it is time to cook, I have not much to cook... Now, how do I deal with that?

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  1. I don't menu plan, either. I don't like cooking to begin with, so the thought of spending so much time planning what to eat just doesn't make sense to me. Plus the fact that I'm just cooking for myself anyway. I think that's part of the problem, too. As of Wednesday, I'm cutting out all processed (or as much as possible) sugar, which will help, but I still have to make the time to cook decent meals. The irony is that I LOVE to eat...