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Friday, October 5, 2012


So far the apartment looks more normal with the exception of too much laundry. I am hoping to wash, dry, fold everything and put them in all the appropriate places by the end of this weekend.

I have a business trip coming up on Tuesday which will allow me to see my family in Ankara and bring some more of my stuff next weekend if not all. The winter tires are the highest priority on my list. I am pretty sure, I can also bring everything at my mom's. The rest may stay in the apartment's storage.

I am having bad cramps today due to my period but I am also glad that it started today and will be over before my upcoming trip. I hate it when I have my period during trips. Vacations can be planned around it but business trips are not like that.

I am so much used to not having TV that, although I have the cable hooked up, I am not watching it. Today I turned it on scanned the programs a little bit and just turned it off.

Yesterday I ran all my errands as planned and visited and stayed for a while with my friend who had a surgery. She is doing very well and hopefully the pathology results will come clean. That is what her doctor thinks anyway.

I went grocery shopping today and have everything (but coffee) that I need till Tuesday so I do not need to get out of the house at all. If I feel up to it, I may walk to the Starbucks nearby and buy some coffee to make at home. I used to buy Kenya coffee but recently I think I need a bolder flavor so I must remember to look at their web site. I drink one or two cups of coffee a day. If I am outside and if I feel like one, I might have Turkish coffee but I never make it at home. I guess I had made too much of it when I was young, for dad and grandma after every meal at home:) I brew Turkish tea at least once a day and usually have 2-3 cups.

I would like to conquer some house chores and some work related reading over the weekend.

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