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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Working At Home: Pros and Cons

Working at home is quiet a new thing for me so it does have some challenges. When you walk into an office building, just merely going in there sets the tone for the day and one can concentrate on work with fewer distractions as opposed to working at home. When you are home, there is always something to do around the house such as putting another load in the washer or cleaning the top of the kitchen counter or any other chore you may imagine.

Remember when you were a student, before exams you probably procrastinated as much as possible figuring reasons not to sit down and hit the books real hard? (If you don't... Well we are not all nerds, some people will remember that!!) I find myself in the same situation. Part of the reason is that I am being brought on board a project which has been going on for over two years and the documents I must go through are not complete and it is rather boring. And may be I needed a bit of a down time before I started working. There are still tons to do around the house but this is not a big and real excuse so, I need to pull myself together.

So to be true to the header here are my pros and cons:


1. You can work literally in your pajamas or comfy home clothes.
2. You do not need to wear make-up or shave every day.
3. You spend way less money on work clothes.
4. Costs associated with going to work is way down and limited only to those times you need to show up at a customer's office.
5. You eat at home more so that is less costly and more healthy.
6. You can set your own schedule most of the time. Work at night, sleep in until late.


1. It is distracting.
2. There is no socializing with co-workers.
3. Most of your friends are working regular jobs so, socializing with them is also limited.
4. I tend to snack more often when I am bored so eating can spin out of control.

Pros outweigh the cons so I am most determined to make this work. Here is my plan:

1. Get up fairly early every day i.e. not later than 8:00 a.m max.
2. Make the bed everyday and never walk around in pajamas or nightgowns. Always be in presentable clothes so that if the door bell rings or if I need to rush out, I can.
3. Set a specific time to sit down and work both in the morning and in the afternoon and stick with my schedule.
4. Spend at least an hour outside even when the weather is bad.
5. Pull out the menus the dietician gave me and stick with those meals and snacks.
6. Go to bed at midnight, the latest.

I wonder how other people cope with this situation. May be I should look up some blogs on the issue.

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