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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Never Ending Laundry...

You would think since I live on my own I wouldn't have so much laundry. Not so. All day today, I washed 6 loads and my bathroom towels are spinning right now as the 7th load. I am so glad I now have two drying racks.

I do not have a designated laundry day. I have two hampers: One for towels and sheets, one for everything else. When my hampers start looking full, I sort the laundry out and start washing them. I almost always have a full load except for fragile items. I use about a third of the recommended detergent and almost always use cold water. I had been using a real old wash machine which used tı belong to my mom. It was old but it was a great machine. Now, I have one of those energy efficient machines which use very little water. It just bothers me that with so little water, does it really clean the clothes? Then I remember that my clothes do not get really soiled or dirty. Well, I am still getting used to it. Also, the new machine is a bit smaller than the old one so, a full load is somewhat smaller too.

It feels like after I empty the hampers they start filling up by themselves as soon as I turn my back. Weird huh?

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