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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Track Expenses

This month I have decided o track my daily expenses on a daily basis. I have tried it before but was unsuccessful. Hopefully this time I will do it.

Weekend did some damage to my pocket but it was not too bad besides, it was planned. I get together with a group of friends every month and those nights are usually expensive. We almost always have an excellent time and these meetings happened even when I was living in Ankara. I would set a date and everyone in the group (6 people) would keep that date. We were colleagues until 2006 but then everybody started working for different companies but our ties were so strong that we kept seeing each other.

Today, I steamed some cauliflower, made rice and green lentils. So, for tomorrow, I do not have to worry about what to cook. I think I will freeze some of the lentils for later.

I am thinking about making pizza on Wednesday. I bought some whole wheat flour and I would like to try baking a bread and since the oven will be used anyway, I can have pizza for dinner.

Now, I must go get some work done.

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