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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Travel Plans for 2013

I am scared to make plans for the future because by now, I have learnt that unexpected may happen and jeopardize all plans. So, I am going to be cautious here.

I have lived in the US for over three and a half years in the past and I miss it. So, I would like to spend a 4 week vacation in the US in 2013. My favorite season is the Fall so, I am hoping to do this in October-November.

During my last visits to the US, I went to Las Vegas and Chicago but, I miss NYC very much. I would like to spend some time around NY or may be; spend the entire time there.

However, I would like to see Seattle very much also. I am thinking of a road trip from San Fransisco to Sacramento and then to Seattle. I like San Fransisco a whole lot so, it wuld be nice to see it again. I have been to Sacramento just once and since it was a brief business trip, I could not see much.

So, I may fly to NY and fly over to SF and spend 7-8 days doing the SF-Sacramento-Seattle thing, go back to NY and spend the rest of the time around the tri-state area. This is a more expensive option than, just staying around NY. If I spend the entire time in NY area, I will probably stay at an extended stay type of accomodation with a small kitchen and spend way less money.

This vacation can only happen if I can average at least 6 days a month doing consulting work between now and next September. So, I will just keep my fingers crossed, hope for the best and look for inexpensive car rental and accomodation options starting early spring. I can buy the airline ticket with my CC points so, that is not a concern.

It is amazing that there are 5 daily direct flights to NYC from Istanbul nowadays. Turkish Airlines has three direct flights a day, Delta has one, and so does United. It takes 10-10,5 hours on the way to NY and 9,5 hours on the way back.

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