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Thursday, November 1, 2012

When I was young...

Thank God I have not started saying "When I was young..." yet. May be in 10 years or so...

My grandparents used to complain that nothing ever tasted like when they were young. To them, apples were no more the apples they knew, bread was not as tasty as the bread they used have, nothing was ever anything like they knew when they were young. Mom sometimes does the same thing.

Is it really so? Or, is it people's taste buds changing over time? Today, I made some sort of a very simple pastry my grandma used to make. It smelled the same, yet did not taste the same. Or so I thought...

Is it us? Or is it really the ingredients? Does everything taste better for kids? Do we develop a more refined palate over time? Do we get spoilt?

But, the most important question is: Am I getting old?

:) :) :)


  1. I am 40 but age is just a number isn't it!

    I still feel like a kid.

    Sft x

  2. You are right! But I must tell you; after 40, a body has a mind of it's own:)

    I am 45 going on 46 and I feel that. An elderly Turkish Armenian lady I met at a hospital last year had told me that: After 50, if you wake up one morning feeling perfect with absolutely no aches and pains, then it should be clear that you're dead:)