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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sitting Tight!

The Turkish Stock Exchange totally tanked. The Index dropped from 86,000s to 78,000s within a week. Many people are panicking and selling and as always, I am sitting tight, doing absolutely nothing. Actually, I am considering to buy some stocks.

A good portion of my retirement portfolio is made up of stocks, and I own some individual stocks. I never invest a penny that I will need to use in the short/mid-term in stock exchange. I only use money that I can forget about for at least 5 years so, my individual portfolio is rather small.

I sold some stocks when I was buying Apartment No 2 but other than that, I do not normally sell stocks.

Now, I need to go and calculate how much money I can spare to invest in the fallen Stock Exchange...

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  1. Good plan! Hope you can pick up a few decent ones to add to your "collection!" :)