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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Diet Progress

If there is one thing I am happy to lose, it is my weight:)

I am pretty heavy, considered morbidly obese but, the dietician thinks I will be in the lower category within a couple of months at most because I am close to the border.

So far, I never felt like I was on a diet because I eat really well. It is a bummer that I have not weighed myself at home on the day of my first weigh-in at the dietician's office. Now I do not know if I have lost anything during the first week. I weighed mysel today and I will be adding a new ticker for my weight loss journey. If I cannot reach a somewhat healthy weight now, I may be doomed because I am getting closer to menopause.

My next weigh-in will be in late March. I am hoping to see her in two week intervals but, it is not possible now due to her crazy schedule. Since summer is approaching fast, people are overcrowding the dieticians.

My jouney to a healthy weight will probably take at least two years at a slow but, steady pace. I know I will get bored, frustrated, stuck at a plateau in the process. I am sure, I will lose control and cheat as well. In the past these have been always the reason to give up the diet altogether. I am older and wiser now so, I will handle the diffculties better.

Right now, I am not required to exercise. The dietician needs me to reach a certain weight before I start exercising. Otherwise, she thinks it will be too much on my heart.

I am drinking tons of water and eating healthy food in 6 good size portions. Happy so far...

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