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Friday, February 22, 2013

Easy Wardrobe

I have recently been traveling every week for my part-time consultancy gig but, I usually work less than 10 days a month.  What I love about this is that I do not have to have a lot of work clothes. I can pretty much rotate what I have for at least two years adding only a few pieces which may wear out. Even if I lose weight, I shall still be OK.

As for other times, my uniform is a pair of jeans and a cotton turtleneck in the winter and a t-shirt in the summer. I have gone through my clothes a second time this season and donated many more items that I do not need in my wardrobe. Not having to go to work every day is such a blessing! I like the feeling of old, truly broken in clothing when I am home although, I try to be presentable in case the door bell rings or I would need to rush outside for whatever reason. So, I do not wear things that are falling apart. The only excepiton to this are my cotton comfy nightgowns. I gave one to mom the other day when her nightgown was in the wash and she asked me where I got it because it was so soft and thin and I started laughing. It is probably 10 years old so over time, it has lost it's thickness. You cannot buy one like that. You have to wear it down yourself:)

I like to have an easy wardrobe with neutral colors. My winter pants are black, navy and charcoal gray. All my tops go with these three basic colors. My summer pants are beige, pale green and tan. Most of my tops are white and all the rest are pastel colors. I do not like to spend a lot of money on clothing especially now that I have learnt how low they actually cost.

Recently, I am working for a textile industry customer that produces various clothing items for some well known brand names and looking at the costs, I do not think I will ever pay full price on anything or buy brand names unless they are deeply discounted. It s truly amazing.

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