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Monday, February 4, 2013

Mini vacation in Bodrum in May

I booked a mini vacation for mom and me yesterday. We shall spend 4 nights at a resort in Bodrum during the last week of May. It is one of those Ultra All Inclusive places. It is normally a very expensive resort but I have taken advantage of an early booking at a 35% discount. I can cancel 72 hours prior to check-in.

All I want is to take advantage of the sea for four days. It seems short, but we really do not like to stay at the same place for long. Mom especially hates that. We shall be driving down there so, on the way back we may  stop at some other place if we feel like it.

I must have been a duck in a former life. I love staying in the water for very long especially if it is cool. I do not like the Mediterranean because the sea is very warm between June till October. I prefer the Aegean Sea, especially Cesme, Izmir. The water is cool and there is always a nice breeze at night so yu can sleep comfortably. Bodrum is much warmer but I think, it will be just perfect in late May.

I wish, I were born in Canada, Alaska or some northern European country; some place where weather never gets too hot. Istanbul can be brutally hot in the summer but thank God not for very long. May be 2-3 weeks usually late July-early August.

Anyway, I already started looking forward to this mini vacation:)

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