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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Having a conscience, having a family...

Today, I had the pleasure of having coffeee with an old co-worker and a dear friend. There were many things we had to catch up on and I could not believe it was already two hours when it was time to leave for our other engagements.

We covered many topics some of which were about the whereabouts of some  former colleagues. My friend told me about one of them in particular which made my heart ache for his kids. I remember that guy when he was head over heels in love with his present wife. He basically worshipped her and wanted to get married as soon as possible. When they got married, he was the happiest person on earth. Apparently, within the 6-7 years I have not seen this person, his wife had twins and this guy had to switch jobs a few times. He has resigned from his last job for no good reason and spent the last two years pursuing a dream depleting the family savings and having fun while his wife, and her parents kept pressuring him to get a decent job.

Recently my friend and this guy got together over a cup of coffee and this guy told my friend that he will soon walk out of his marriage because having a family was "just too much" for him and that he wants to have his own life... It is not like he wants a divorce from his wife, he wants a divorce from all his responsibilities!

Excuse me! Is that so easy to leave your family to be free and to live the life of your choosing? Why did you get married and had kids in the first place? Even if you get a divorce, the kids are still yours too and you have to provide for them, you have to "be there" when they are growing up. I am very upset about that nice girl who became his wife. I do not understand whether he has any conscience or not. He may have understood that the life he chose was not what he wanted but, this does not qualify him to walk out on his kids.

I do not have kids but I was very lucky to have an excellent set of parents so, I know a thing or two about families...

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