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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Momzilla! The Declutterer:)

My mom is a neat freak. Her apartment looks like there is noone living in there during a normal day. She puts everything back in their places when she is done with them.

She meticuluosuly keeps an organized kitchen and cupboards. Every couple of months, she takes down all wardrobes and goes through them. Noone can be so organized and neat. She just cannot stand clutter and mess. The other day she hung some laundry to dry on the drying racks and I swear even the hung laundry looked neat and organized.

According to her, I am very messy but to other people, I am quite normal:)

When I came back from Ankara, even though I had not acquired much stuff, I still had difficulty to find a place for everything. I tried my best for a few weeks and then got tired and let go. Then I went back to spend the New Years with the family, then I was busy, etc. etc.

Now that mom is with me for a while, my apartment got a lot neater. She helped me declutter and get rid of stuff that I had no use for. She went through all wardrobes, cupboards, boxes and had me sort out stuff I wanted to hang on to and get rid of.

She could make a living working as a declutterer.

Now I am looking around and I am very pleased with what I see. I love you momzilla!:)