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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Stocking up on fish

We are fast approaching the fishing ban by the end of March and I decided it was time to stock up on fish. I plugged in the freezer since the freezer of the fridge is not big enough for the job. Besides we have frozen tomatoes and lots of bread in it.

We went out to a fish market and bought 6 seabreams, 6 seabasses, 2 kgs. of bluefish and 3 big bonitos for a little over USD 100. We shared one of the bonitos for dinner. Mom caramalizes some onion and cooks the bonito slices with that. It's very very very tasty. Yumm!

I carefully packed the fish and put them in the freezer. We now have about 20 portions of fish. We usually eat fish twice a week so that is only 5 weeks of worth of fish. May be next week, we shall visit the fish market again.

I almost always make the fish in the oven with very little oil. We have it with a salad and a couple of slices of whole wheat bread. That is a satisfying and nutritious meal. Easy as well.

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