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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Unplanned Spending

I just bought mom a new bed as an early mother's day gift. She needed a new bed but was procrastinating so, I decided to gift it to her. It is an upholstered storage bed with a full orthopedic mattress. The upholstery will perfectly match the rest of her bedroom furniture. Besides, it was a real good deal due to a major sale going on.

I shall pay for the bed in 12 months with my credit card. Total cost is only 1,000 USD and the payments shall start in July. I always pay my credit card in full. To this day I never paid a penny in interest. Although this is unplanned spending, I can make room for it in my budget.

It is a blessing that I can still afford these occasional splurges despite being semi-retired.

Now the biggest expense ahead is re-doing the bathroom and having the entire apartment painted. I think, I would also like to change all the room doors and ddor frames. There are only 6 doors to be replaced. Once I am done with this, the only thing remaining is re-doing the kitchen. I am planning to do that in 2015, not earlier. I would like to be done with home payments before I incur any other big expense. After I am done with the kitchen, I will be all set as far as my apartment is concerned for at least 15 years. I shall probably have the apartment painted just once during that time. The paint we use is washable so every spring the cleaning lady brings her sister and they wash the walls together. It is a tough job but after they are done, the apartment sparkles.

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