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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Wanna compare grocery prices?

I went grocery shopping yesterday and I bought some staples and some detergent. I did not buy any vegetables because I like to purchase fresh produce at the open market close to where I live.

The meat products I have purchased are good for over two weeks for mom and I. The detergent will also last us for quiet a while. We will go through the yogurt in 4 days:) And yes, that is what the dietician approves.

3lt liquid detergent (colors) 9,9 5,50
4lt bleach 2,9 1,61
1,5 lt bathroom cleaner 6,9 3,83
24 pack feminine pads 8,25 4,58
3 Kg. powder detergent (whites) 15,9 8,83
Pastırma (beef bacon) 29,55 16,42
1,6 kg. minced meat 38 21,11
0,5 kg chicken breast 4,75 2,64
2 Seabreams 12,09 6,72
Wheat Crackers 3,52 1,96
2,250kg. Plain yogurt 5,99 3,33
4 simits (think sesame bagel) 3 1,67
3 loaves of whole wheat bread 10,5 5,83
151,25 84,03

Today I went to the open market and for 21 USD, I bought the following:

2 Kg. cherry tomatoes
2 bunches of chard
1,5 kg leek
4 oranges
0,5kg green peppers
1 kg. cucumbers
A bunch of broccoli

I do not have the itemized prices on these. These will last us a week but, I may purchase additional fruit and some salad greens during the week.

So, how does Turkish prices compare to your country? I did not do the math to convert the weight and volume units from metric to imperial but, 1 kg is 2,205 pounds, 1 lt is 33,81 fl.oz.


  1. Interesting! I always like to see where different countries compare! Our groceries here in Canada cost on average 30% more than in the U.S.... so they add up quite quickly. I'm amazed at some of the prices my US friends can get!

  2. Fresh produce is probably cheaper in Turkey when compared to the US and Canada but the killer in my country is the gas prices.