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Friday, April 19, 2013

A good and busy week, almost over...

I put in 4 days of work this week. One of the Customers is in Ankara so, it was not too bad. I came back to mom's home to a ready dinner but the other is in İzmir so that meant a short flight (yes, I am back to flying but that's another story) and a hotel stay. I am feeling very tired and staying home (at mom's) today.

I have already put in 9 days of work and there is 2 more to go. This is going to help my budget in a big way especially for the home improvements I am planning.

On the other hand, my computer is showing signs of age and I must get a good hard drive to back up everything. The company I had been working with is planning to give me a new computer so, I will not have to buy one myself. I just don't know when though. Once they do, I would like to get an inexpensive tablet. I just need something to surf the Net, read the papers, look at e-mail and use as a GPS. There are some inexpensive ones which I had been eyeing for a while but I will wait a little longer, perhaps until after I am done with the home projects. I am not planning to exceed my budget but you never know when you take something down at home.

I have a certain amount of money in my savings account and a portion of that money was earmarked for the home improvement projects but, if I can put in enough days of work until June, I will not have to touch that. That is something which will make me very happy! So, I put on my frugal belt and will not be purchasing anything that I do not truly need.

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