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Monday, April 1, 2013


Yesterday I decided I wanted Chinese Food and mind you in this country it is expensive. There are 5 places that deliver to my area and their prices are almost the same. USD 5 for a single serving of Hot and Sour Soup, USD 14 for a single serving of a beef dish.

I know it is delicious and also probably full of ingredients that would negatively impact my diet. I reconsidered this "want" and instead of browsing the menu further, went to load some laundry.

Then I went to the kitchen and looked what I had on hand for dinner. I had meat patties in the freezer and lots of salad ingredients so, I decided to have what I had on my diet menu plan instead of Chinese Food. A big salad, 4 meat patties, 2 slices of whole wheat bread was what I had.. Delicious and satisying.

I took the money that I would have spent for Chinese Food from my wallet and put it in a jar which I will call my Great Getaway Fund. I am planning something big in 2014 or 2015 and will not reveal the details just yet. I can only say that I am planning a very long stay at some place I love.

Every month, I will gather the money, count it and exchange it for some foreign currency (wink, wink:) and put it in the bank in a special account. I can do this all online so the jar will be symbolic. So, basically after I count the money, I will purchase the foreign currency online and put the money in the jar in my purse.

I also cooked some artichokes for Monday and Tuesday dinners. I will have to eat lunch out on Monday but, I will probably have fish for Tuesday.

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