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Monday, April 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Sis!

Today my baby sister is turning 40! What does that make me?

a. 47
b. a dinosaur
c. old
d. all of the above

I remember the very day she was born. I was sick at home and I cried until my father brought her ID papers. I wanted to name her myself so badly:) Well I am not disclosing names here but I would like to say our names rhyme:)

She was very cute and very active as a child. So, I do not know how she became a couch potato!

Since we are seven years apart, there have been times when we were not very close. I was living abroad during her late teens. It took some time to get real close.

Now, I love her to the moon and back! Happy Birthday! I hope you live a very healthy and long life filled with all of the things and people you love!

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