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Friday, May 3, 2013

Feeling Lazy...

Today was a georgeous day; not too warm, not too chilly exactly the kind of weather us Turkish people refer to as "like lemonade". I don't know why we call this kind of weather lemonade. May be because it is refreshing and nice.

Mom is sauteeing eggplants for dinner and I will be making garlic yogurt sauce to top it. Yumm... Love eggplants.

Tomorrow we shall go to a Farmer's Market and will have tea by the Bosphorus. Next week I will be working in Izmir for three days. The weeks after that are going to be really busy until the week of 27th when mom and I will go to Bodrum.

I could nap all day outside today. It feels so nice and I feel sooooo very lazy...

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