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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday night mumblings and thoughts about the future

Tomorrow I am going to weigh in but I know that my weight has not changed. My period is 5 days late and I am bloated. I think I am entering a pre-menopausal period. Genetically speaking women in my family get done with menopause by very early 50s. I will be turning 47 in June so, I guess it must be about time. Up until this year, it was like clockwork. I don't know how I should feel about this...

I will be on a business trip for three days this week. So, it will be a busy week but, I am OK with that. I hope my part-time work will stay this way for looong time. It is a nice chunk of money.

I intend to keep working at least until October 2018, which will mark the 30th year that I have joined the work force. I will then look at my finances and decide whether I would like to slow down a little bit or not. May be down to 4-5 days a month. I hope to stay active until at least 60 depending on my health and stamina for work.

I know that, I am lucky to be semi-retired at this age and I am grateful for this. It not only gives me a lot of time for myself but also many opportunities to spend time with mom who is going to be turning 71 this coming August. I am planning a 9-10 day trip with her to Munich, Milan, Venice, Salzburg, Munich by car. We will fly to Munich and rent a car there for this trip. I have started saving for this already. If we cannot do it latest by next spring, I am afraid mom will not want to travel such distances. She cannot walk very much and she thinks she is holding me back. I hope we can make it. Last August, we went to Spain together and she enjoyed it very much.

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