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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Small Expenses Big Expenses

Home ownership is expensive. Things get old and need repair or replacement. I have been spending money since I came back to live in my principal home in Istanbul. I started with changing the windows and window frames. The bathroom will be completely renewed and the house will be freshly painted. Those are the big expenses in the very near future.

I just paid 50 TL (a little over USD 25) to replace the flushing mechanism of the toilet. The guy who did that told me that the old pipes are causing problems due to heavy rusting. When they take down the bathroom I will have the pipes changed as well.

Other planned expenses are:

The light fixtures in my room and the other bedroom currently occupied by mom.
New rugs for the family room
New shoe boxes, the plastic visible kind so that I will not have to take down everything looking for a shoe.
New TV (yes, I am finally caving in. The 19 inch I bought 22 years ago is still going but mom spends a lot of time with me supporting me in my diet program and she loves watching volleyball games. The other night I realized that the TV is real small and she is not able to see any details of a fast game. I am hoping to keep the cost under 1,000 TL if I can)

I am hoping to be done with home repairs and replacements this year so that I will not spend any money on the home front.

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