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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

They want me in debt!

I use only two banks: let's call them Y and Z. Z is for everything and Y is just for the credit card I have with them for the last 22 years. I do not have an account there, just the credit card. I pay it through EFT with my other bank which does not charge me excessive fees because I am retired.

I have only 10 months of paying down debt left on my rental property with Z. Other than that I have no consumer debt. I pay my credit card every month and never pay a penny of interest.

Today, I received a call from Y and the nice young lady (read pushy call center agent) told me there was an advantegous credit package they have designed just for me (yeah, right!). I nicely (really nicely) told her that I do not need any loans. She kept saying but that was a really sweet deal. I told her again that I have no use for a loan. Isn't that enough reason to decline a loan? I guess at that point she understood that I am really a bad customer (they cannot make money over me) and we hung up.

I understand banks when they have these campaigns over the radio, the Net and even on TV but why bother calling someone who has not once asked for a loan from your bank?

CRM or no CRM that must be the question.

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