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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Getting Ready

The bathroom renovation starts Tuesday. I am already freaking out. People are telling me it will be messy and dust will get everywhere so, I decided to take some extreme precautions. Early tomorrow I need to go to a hardware store to purchase additional material to cover and tape everything that might get dusty.

The guy who will change the covers on my TV chair, the love seat and the ottoman will come and get the material and the furniture tomorrow. I have decided to change the dinner table chair covers as well. So, he will be taking them too if I like his price. My total budget for the furniture was 2,400 but with the chairs, I do not know how much it will be. I will ask him to price the chairs and decide whether I should go ahead with those or not.

Since this is the only bathroom that I have, going to potty and taking a shower will be fun! I have lined up a few friends for showers. For the other thing, I will just use either of the gas stations or the mall nearby.

I just want to shut my eyes and when I open them again, I would like to see a brand new bathroom, a nicely painted home and wonderfully upholstered new looking furniture. Yeah right!

Some people told me it would be much more easier to have put the entire apartment stuff in storage and have everything done in an empty apartment but, that would be very costly. Besides, I am not renovating the kitchen due to budgetary reasons so, I do not know how much sense that would have made.

My sister promised to cover the kitchen cupboards after the paint job. She is really very handy. Good thing that her husband married her because he cannot do a thing. My sister does most of the handyman stuff like putting together IKEA furniture, hanging chandeliers and repairing things around their home. Few weeks ago while my sister was putting together their walk-in closet, my brother in law was hanging laundry out to dry:) Fun couple ha?

Very few people read what I write but if you do, please wish me luck... I need it very very very much!

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  1. Hey good luck. I read your comments andIm following you!