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Friday, August 9, 2013

Home sweet-to-be-home!

I assembled the storage shed in my balcony yesterday. It took me a full hour, made me sweat like a pig and had me curse the manfacturer several times but, I succeded at the end. Glory!

Today, I am going to organize it but I need to get some other chores out of the way. I need to exchange something I bought for the "new" bathroom.

Here is the budget for the bathroom

Plumbing 1000
Tile (Workmanship only) 400
Gutting 700
Cement, Sand, other 350
Marble 200
Isolation Mtrl. 200
Miscellaneous 100
Ceiling 200
Shower Cabin 450
TOTAL (Contractor) 3600

Let's assume he made a mistake and the total will be 4000 TL

What I need to buy

Shower Faucet (GROHE) 209
Sink Faucet (GROHE) 199
Shower Set (GROHE) 289
Radiator 119
Wall Tiles 450
Floor Tiles 150
Misc. 50
Ligthing 200
Bathroom Vanity Set          1100
TOTAL                              2766
Let's assume I made a mistake too and the total shall be 3000 TL

A total of 7000 TL
(about USD 3600) is pretty good

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