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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Oh no! The vacationers came back to Istanbul!

Summer is both a terrible and a wonderful time to spend in Istanbul. Terrible because, it is humid and hot. Wonderful because after the schools are closed, many people travel out of town to spend their vacations so the traffic gets better, the city becomes less crowded. Add a religious holiday that can be stretched for a week, half of Istanbul is gone! Last week was such a religious holiday and it was soooooo peaceful here.

Today I woke up and looked at the parking lot and immediately realized that the vacationers are back. The schools will be open very soon and people are returning home!

Today's papers were full of traffic horror stories about returning back to Istanbul. Apparently the traffic backed up 15 Km from the toll booths, the ferries worked roud the clock but the lines kept growing. Such a nightmare! I am glad I have not gone anywhere. I enjoyed Istanbul while people were gone.

Come next religious holiday, we shall be in Antalya but I plan to go a day earlier and come back a day after. Gotta love working part-time!

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