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Sunday, November 17, 2013


A not so close friend of mine contacted me over Facebook to say that she would be in Istanbul during the weekend and that it would be nice to see me. She called me yesterday and I was really feeling crappy due to my period so, I told her I could not go out at night, but we could have breakfast today. I guess her plans were different so we decided we could not get together this weekend.

A bunch of old High School mates are gathering today and I really wanted to go but I am still feeling not great. Besides, tomorrow night I am supposed to meet with my regular buddies and that usually ends up to be an expensive night. I could not justify eating expensive meals out two nights in a row so, I called my school mates to say I will not be able to make it.

Just a few minutes ago I was about to place a food delivery order online because I am not feeling well but suddenly I realized it is going to be both expensive and unhealthy. So, I decided to go to the grocery store which is like 2 minutes on foot to get my weekly food shopping done. I am now leaving this post to run to the store and I will complete it when I get back with a tally of what I had bought.


OK, I am back and here is what I bought for 44 TL roughly around USD 22-23:

A Whole Chicken
Satsuma Mandarines
Iceberg Lettuce
3 cans of Light Ice Tea
Spinach Pie

I am surely glad I walked over to the store. It would be pure laziness otherwise and I would have eaten in an unhealthy manner. I am not going to defend the purchase of Spinach Pie and the Light Ice Tea but every once in a while those should be OK. I have limited the consumption of sugar and artificial sweeteners significantly. I probably consume a can of light soda or iced tea per week. It shouldn't be so bad.

The chicken, the broccoli and the salad material should provide me enough lunches and dinners till Wednesday when I will be travelling again. I think there will be even leftover chicken which I might end up freezing.

So many choices we have to make within a day... I feel good about my choices today.

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