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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Never let your mind wander...

Today, I caught myself thinking about paying up the remaining debt on the rental property. I have 6 months to go and a part of me wants to do away with that debt right NOW! However, this is pretty stupid because at this point, there will be very minimal interest saved and there really isn't much left to pay.

On the other hand, if I contribute extra to my retirement fund, Government will match it by 25%. That is a much better choice. Who is giving us 25% these days?

I must go find out how much extra I can contribute to my retirement account and whether I can comfortably do it. Next year, I will try to contribute the maximum to benefit from the maximum Government contribution. It should be doable especially after May, once the rental property debt is gone. Patience T'Pol...

Last night I went out with friends and it was a looooong night. I met the girls in our group couple hours prior to our get together and we went into a wine place. After much needed girl talk and two glasses of wine, we joined the guys at a nice restaurant. Some more wine and way too much food later we decided to pop in at a Jazz Club and ended up spending an hour and a half there. I took a cab home instead of picking up my car from where I parked because, I had drunk more than I ever do. Normally I drink only one glass of an alcoholic beverage and take charge as the designated driver. It was a very good night. We are having so much fun with this group and I hope to be able to do it for many years to come in good health.

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