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Friday, December 13, 2013

Financial Outlook

This month is a tight one and seems like, so will be the next two months due to lack of new projects. If I can stick to my strict budget, I will not have to dip into savings or rather EF until the end of  March. However, that is very very tight.

When I chose to work part-time, I had fully anticipated that this was a possibility. However, I always had work so, I guess I got spoilt.

I have decided that I should try to stick to this very tight budget even if a new project and money comes my way during January and February.

Sometimes I wonder whether I should have continued working full-time but then again, there haven't been any opportunities. Unfortunately, in this country at my age, one is considered "old" for many positions.

I will be financially free in May 2014 and after that even if I do not work at all, I could live with my passive income. However, it would be living with a somewhat tight budget. I think, it is too early for me to be stuck at such a life.

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