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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Review of 2013 Goals

Today, I sat down and looked at my numbers.

Istanbul stock exchange tanked very recently due to a major scandal involving many members of the Government so, my Retirement Account took a big hit. 

I have exceeded my goals in all other categories so, all in all this was a good year. 

Here is a summary:

Cash: +19% (but I spent quiet a bit for my home renovation project)
Retirement Fund: -4%
Stocks: +11% (was a lot better few weeks ago)
Gold: 0% (met the goal)
Dollar Account: +12% (dollar appreciated against TL significantly this year)

In 2014, besides funding my retirement account religiously, I will be carefully saving TL and Dollars only. I have enough exposure to Stock exhange via my retirement account and my Stock Account.

It looks like this may be a tight year so, I do not know if I will be able to take my dream vacation. My intended date is still almost a year away. We shall see.

Now, I need to sit down to make my 2014 budget.


  1. Yikes! sorry to hear about your retirement account. I really should learn more about stocks. Happy almost 2014.

  2. Thanks Jolie. I still have 9 years for it to recover. So, I am not panicking and selling anything. Staying put seems like a good strategy.