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Monday, January 20, 2014

Food and Energy Costs

I love cooking things in the oven. I think, they come out much tastier as opposed to other methods of cooking. However, electricity is expensive and today I realized that my electricity bill is much higher than usual this month. Then, I remembered that turkey which required 7 hours of roasting time, and all those things I baked for the New Year dinner. Taste comes at a price for sure:)

I have my freezers stuffed with pre-cooked meals so, I decided I should eat off the freezers for a while to decrease my electricity bill next month. I re-heat the pre-made stuff over my gas stove and it is much much cheaper. When I am cooking, I usually use my pressure cooker which also saves time and energy.

I usually start stocking up on fresh fish in January because fish hunting period ends in April till September and fish is fresh and inexpensive in the winter. However, this year the weather was unusually warm up until this week so, fish supply is limited and fish is expensive. We are also alarmed about a possible draught this year which is a very bad news. Hopefully the weather will turn cold and bring in some much needed snow. This way, I can stock up on fish soon. Eating out of the freezers is a very good idea at this point to make room for the fish. Last year I bought around 30 pounds of fish and it provided a nice variety in my meal plans.

My gas stove uses very little energy especially because I use the pressure cooker so often. Too bad turkey doesn't taste as great when cooked in a pressure cooker. Besides a whole bird will never fit in it.

I am away from home today and tomorrow so, I will be eating out tonight. Mom is at my apartment and she is enjoying the pre-made meals which she contributed to making.

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  1. I have never cooked in a pressure cooker but I'm interested in it. When you say that fresh fish is inexpensive, what kind of price do you usually pay?