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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Grocery Store

Yesterday I went to a meeting and coming back home I hit traffic. Think 8 miles in an hour and a half! According to our diet list, it was a white meat and salad night so I decided to take mom out to IKEA. Their food is decent, not great but inexpensive and diet appropriate. After dinner we decided to go into the nearby grocery store to look at the discount isles. Here is a tally of what I got:

2 drain cleaners
2 toothbrushes
Regular dishwasher detergent (small pack so that I can use up the catalyst at home. I now use the all in one tablets)
Dishwasher cleaner
Pocket Tissue 2 x 10 packs
4 pairs of knee high nylons for mom
2 boxes of hair dye for mom
2 x 28 packs of panty liners
2 pounds of turkey wings
2 packages of linguini
all for about 32 USD

I have vacuumed the bedrooms and I will cook the turkey I bought yesterday. I need to prepare a presentation for next week. So, off I go!

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