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Monday, January 6, 2014

Toilet Paper Disappointment

Whatever you imagined when you read the heading, it is not like that:)

Today, I saw an unbelievable price on TP and I grabbed two 32 packs but alas!, at the self-checkout, I realized that the price was not what it was marked so, I asked for help. It turned out that there was a marking error. Now, if we were in the US, they would give me the products at the marked price as a courtesy. Not in this country... So, I left both packs there. I really do not need TP for a while but the price was so good, I wanted to stock up on it. Oh well...

I bought the following for about USD 30.

1 lt. EVOO (for salads)
2 lt. Virgin Olive Oil (for cooking)
1 dozen free range eggs
1 kg. carrots
2 packs of baking paper
3 lt. milk
100 count tea bags

The fridge and the freezer are well stocked so, I guess there will be no more grocery shopping with the exception of some veggies this week.  The oils will last well over three months since I have some at home too. The eggs and the carrots will last for two weeks because, we eat them occasionally based on our diet lists. The baking paper will probably last till next year since I bake only during the winter months. The milk will probably last for two weeks. The tea bags will last more than 6 months because I brew tea and do not like the bagged stuff. It is just a convenience for when mom and I feel lazy.

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