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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Cheap and effective oven cleaner...

I had been ignoring my oven for a very loooong time. Such a loooong time that I am ashamed to tell how long.

Anyway, I decided to look online for an effective cleaning product that would take years of yuck out. It looks like there are pretty good and very chemical alternatives out there. I was searching for a safer and environmentally better alternative and  I found this on YouTube Video. Although there is dish washing detergent (which I have by the ton) in it, I think this is a more environmentally sound alternative. I even took the oven door out just like she shows. Yay me! Thanks to the lady who posted this.

During the last few months, whenever I put something in the oven a bad fume was coming out and I was thinking of getting a new oven. I checked the prices and they are nowhere near my budget. Besides, I am thinking of renovating my kitchen in a few years.
It is easy and very economical. Her oven is much cleaner than mine so, I needed more elbow grease and ended up with a less yucky oven. It doesn't look anything like hers but it is still better than before. I even got the oven door back in place which seemed like the hardest task ;)


  1. I cannot see whatever you posted. My oven has not been cleaned in five years. It is not really bad. But, it is self-cleaning and I am afraid of that much heat. I have used baking soda and vinegar on a really bad spill. I wish I knew what you put in the blank box! Can you email the content to me? pparsimony@yahoo.com

  2. Hi Linda, I have sent you an e-mail.

  3. You are not alone guys, I see many people day in day out that ignore the oven for many years on end. Once you have actually got it clean, prevention is easier than cure. Keep wiping it down after use once it's clean again.

    Seems like T'Pol has the formula down with the video. I love tutorial videos, so much better than reading text. Nice job.