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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Heading Home

After an intensive 3-day work week, I am headed home tonight. I need lots of rest. I also know that there are quite a few house chores to take care of. Sigh...

I still can't fly and these trips are tiring me down and jeopardizing my sleep patterns. I am not complaining though because I need the money.

In May, I am having a 5-day vacation with Mom, Sis and BIL all paid way back in January. Breakfasts are included bu,t the lunches and dinners have to be out of pocket along with gas money. I have already budgeted for these and set aside the required money.

I am also going to my 30th High School re-union in May in Antalya. It is a very expensive two-day trip but, it is an important celebration and I have fond memories of High School. The cost is already budgeted as well.

I rarely splurge large amounts on a whim. I carefully plan my vacations, take advantage of early reservation promotions and opt for reasonable accommodations.

I do not have much planned for the summer because summer is the best time in Istanbul. Many people go on vacations and the city becomes somewhat more livable. I may take mom to Chios for a few days. I enjoyed the island very much last year and would like to spend more time to explore it further.

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