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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hump Day Update

April was a very busy month filled with lots of travel. May will probably be the same but after that I think things will cool down. That means less income but, I am OK with that. I would like to focus on my health and my mom for a while. We fell of the weight loss wagon and we both need to get right back on it.

Next week mom, sis and I will spend 5 days at a small boutique hotel near Cesme, Izmir. I have purchased this mini vacation back in January and it is already paid for.

I also have my 30th High School reunion coming up in May. I will be spending two days at a luxury resort with about 130 old school mates. This is only a small fraction of the Class of 84. For two nights, it is a pricey get together but, the money is already in my account to spend. Besides, I purchased a deeply discounted dress way back in January. I just hope, it will look good on me because anticipating that I would lose more weight, I had bought a smaller size. Yeah right! I am going to wear my go to kitten heel suede shoes for such occasions and my black night purse. I have bought costume jewelry to match the dress but now, I am thinking of wearing my mother of pearl earrings and the matching ring with tiny diamonds. Not decided on that one yet.

Tonight I am headed to Ankara for two days of extensive workshops. On Saturday, I will be driving down to Izmir and hopefully relax for a week. The week of May 12th is a mystery. I will find out about my program by the end of this week hopefully.

Gotta go now...

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