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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Next time I am using my brain

I have mentioned that I like deals and that I hoard TP but moving the detergent around and grouping them showed me that I was probably scoring "dealls" without thinking or planning. Thus, without the use of my gray matter.

Here is what I have:

Fabric softener: Got enough to last at least 18 months. I do not use it for every load.
Dish washing Liquid: Got enough to last at least 2 years!? What was I thinking?
Liquid Detergent for colors, All Purpose Cleaner, Dish washing tablets, Shower Gel: Got enough to last at least 1 full year if not more.

Detergent shopping freeze is in effect until further notice! And THIS IS AN ORDER T'POL!


  1. That is a lot. Maybe now, you can concentrate on only the best bargains of those. Do you ever manage to get it free?

    1. Unfortunately, here we cannot get anything for free. We do not have those incredible deals.