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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Tally of expenses today...

Today I had been stupid. I let my mind wander when I was driving and missed exits twice. Then I drove by the tire dealer and passed it so I had to sit in traffic to go back there. I wasted precious gas today. So, I was stupid...

Anyway, today I had errands to run. First, I went to the dealer to get the winter tires off and the regular tires on. Then I went to get my TSH checked. After that I went to have the blown headlight lamp changed. I came home and craved something sweet so I walked to the grocery store and bought some wafers, chocolate pudding and ice-cream and no, I did not eat them all.

Here is a tally of what I spent today:

Tire Change and storage of winter tires for 6 months:120 TL
TSH Test: 65 TL
Headlight fix: 25 TL
Sweet stuff: 13 TL
Gas: 100 TL (Half a tank)

Total: 323 TL roughly USD 150

I am glad I spent the money to get my TSH checked because couple of weeks ago I had that checked and got a real bad result so I was worried and I made an appointment with an endocrinologist which was going to be a very expensive visit. Then I thought about my last visit to a specialist and suspected the result. (My thyroid had been treated with radiation and it has stopped working for good and the dose of the synthetic thyroid I had been taking has helped me maintain a very stable TSH level for a long time so there was no way, that result could have happened).So, I had another test performed and voila! my test was normal. Looking at the number I realized that the previous place made a decimal mistake which is a big mistake. Never going back there again!

Tomorrow I am canceling the appointment. Soooo happy!

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