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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

But I want it NOW!

I want to renovate my entrance, my kitchen and the balcony. I would like to take out all the flooring to replace the piping underneath. I want to get rid of all the terrible looking kitchen cupboards and redo it with nice looking cupboards. I need more counter space. I want to change the tile flooring in the balcony with new and better looking tiles.

I want all this............ now but, can I do it now? Well... Yes technically I can but, to do that I must dip into savings earmarked for rainy days. I just had my apartment painted last August and if I rip all the above apart, I would need these spaces repainted with all the renovation. Am I prepared for the hassle? No. Would I feel awkward if I spend my current savings? Absolutely! I would be terrified to know that I do not have my cushion for just in case.

Besides, I haven't quite figured out what kind of new flooring I want, how much would I be willing to shell out for the kitchen and other details. My oven definitely needs to be replaced but not the fridge or the dish washer. I have so many pots and pans. Do I need all that much or can I get rid of some of those. I have checked IKEA kitchens and I know what kind of look I want. I must sit down, figure out a budget, add at least 15% to it.

Right now I am saving a lump sum amount for kitchen renovation, new car and a road trip in the US, not in that order.

Some people may prefer to get a loan for home renovation but with my fluctuating income, I do not see how I can get a loan from a bank. Besides, I am against borrowing for anything except for a home.

It is difficult to postpone wants but it is necessary. I am 47 and I am not getting any younger. I do not know for how long I shall be able to pull in more income. When I will have to solely rely on my passive income, I do not think I will be able to buy a new car, do major renovations or take expensive vacations. So, while I can, I must save, save and save...

I had my bathroom redone and my windows replaced last year. Those should last many years. Once I have my kitchen redone that also should last for very long. So long that I would not to replace them again. I do not think I will live here in this apartment till I die although, I have no plans to move out for the foreseeable future. You never know what life brings along so we'll see.

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