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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Replenishing Staples

I do not stockpile food items much with the exception of tomato products. I also stockpile fish in the winter at good prices. We have been almost exclusively eating at home with mom lately watching our meal plans made by our dietician.

We shop for fresh produce weekly and for meats bi-weekly. We always have a vegetable dish for one meal and meat for the other. For instance, tomorrow we are having chicken and a salad for lunch. For dinner, we are having string beans cooked in olive oil.

Last time I checked the cupboards and the fridge, I have noted that some staples will be gone soon so, tomorrow is a major shopping day. There are two stores of the same chain right by me but those stores are somewhat more expensive. However they always have better produce and meat. So, I shop there for meat and for produce when I cannot go to the weekly open produce markets all around the city. For replenishing staples like tuna fish, olive oil, cheeses and detergent, I go to another store which is 5 miles from where I live.

I just checked the fliers of both chains and it does make sense to go to the one 5 miles away tomorrow so, off I go to check and finish my shopping list.

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