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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hot, Hot, Hot!

Istanbul is hot and humid these days. Thank God there is a nice breeze today. We keep all windows open and my apartment is nice and cool. Walking outside is another story...

We bought mom a very firm mattress yesterday. It is this mattress. She tried a few others at a different store but liked this one the best. This was the firmest mattress they had. Hopefully, she will be comfortable sleeping on it.

Then we went to IKEA which is ten minutes from my apartment and strolled around to look at some bathroom furniture. Mom wants to do a little re-modeling right before the paint job in August. I think, most of what she wants is totally unnecessary but if it is going to make her happy, I am not saying a word.

Today I am going to see an orthopedist for my right foot. I think, I have Haglund's Deformity. We'll see what he will say.

Gotta go now...

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  1. So jealous you have an IKEA so close. I still have never been in one, but keep hearing so many wonderful things about it! Good luck with the ortho appointment.