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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Credit Card Annual Fee refunded just by asking

I have been using a credit card from a bank for the last 22 years. I have been very happy and to this day I did not care that they charged an annual fee. However, looking at my bill I noticed that they upped my annual fee by 50%. Also, recently many people are filing complaints about annual fees and they are getting refunds due to some new regulations.

I decided to ask nicely and wrote them a message. I told them that I have been a very good customer for so many years and that the current fee is not something I would like to pay. I also asked them not to tell me to commit to spending a certain amount to lift the charge because I have no reason to spend more than I do now.

This was two days ago and I got a message from them telling me that the annual fee is lifted after a close inspection of my records.

Super nice! Isn't it? The fee was 150 TL, about 66 USD.


  1. Woot, way to go! But am I understanding this correctly? You have to spend a certain amount to prevent the fee? If it's a yearly or even monthly minimum, have you considered gift cards? I had a card that I had to spend $1k in 3 months to get a bonus (I think $200), so I just bought $1k worth of giftcards that I could use to pay gas and utilities. Worked like a charm.

  2. Hey Tania! Nope, I normally do not need to spend a certain amount but I know that when people ask the charge to be lifted, the bank asks them to commit to spending a certain amount. I think this is a bad trick and before they played that card, I told them I would not be willing to do that up front.