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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Frugal Retail Theraphy

I know the heading is an oxymoron but I needed a couple of things and I decided to take advantage of the winter sales. Besides I had been feeling down due to my sister's health lately.

I am pretty big as per the standards in my country so, it is a hassle to find good clothing items my size in Turkey. I am an American size 20-22 W. Marks and Spencer is little help and is outrageously expensive. They carry pants in my size but they do not carry any in Long. I am 5'9" so, Medium pants are always short.  Tops usually fit though.

So, I paid a visit to a Marks outlet and found two tops. One can be worn under a jacket and is dressy, the other is more for daily wear over jeans. I also bought a pair of dressy but comfy flat shoes from Nine West. They had been marked down. The bone behind my right foot makes it impossible to find comfortable shoes so this was a real blessing.

This is the shoe I got:


  1. you are lucky to have an M & S outlet in Turkey. We can only order online. Love your shoes, we have Nine West here.