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Sunday, March 29, 2015

TO DO LIST... The question is: Who's gonna do all this?

Here is my To Do List:

- Take down all the shoes, clean and put away winter boots and shoes, get rid of the ones no longer worn.  DONE!
- Take an inventory of unnecessary pots and pans and take them to a charity.
- Take an inventory of towels and linens, put away old ones to be taken to a charity.
- Go through the closets, put away winter stuff and bring out seasonal items. Clean up the closets.
- Go through the books and decide which will be given away, which will be kept.
- Go through work-related material and toss away what is not needed.
- Re-organize the medicine drawer
- Re-organize underwear and sock drawers
- Organize the china cabinet

OK... Just looking at this list, I feel exhausted. Need a nap... Now.


  1. well I guess you unless the decluttering fairies pay a visit to your house....LOL!!

  2. That list sounds exhausting!

  3. Hello and thank you for sharing your blog. I enjoy reading and often learn a thing or two. Do one item on the list at a time and you'll be done by 2017, lol. I like lists as they keep me on track and help me remember those little details; I think I might have lists for my lists. Wishing you the best on your spring cleaning (as I call it) and hope you enjoy the peace that the extra organization and de-cluttering brings.