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Monday, May 25, 2015

No Spend Week!

I hereby oficially declare this week a no spend week! 

My spending has been spiraling out of control lately so, I decided to hit the brakes.

My car is provided by the company and all car-related expenses are paid. Lunch is also provided via my employer through a special debit card that can be used in various places around where we work. We have a kitchen at work where there is a sandwich maker. They provide breakfast staples so that, one can prepare a nice breakfast for herself.

My fridge and freezer are well-stocked for dinners.

I have also decided to be by myself during this week. Mom is back at her home until mid-June. So, instead of playing the social butterfly, I am staying home the entire week. I need some alone-time. Who knows; may be I can end up doing something useful like getting rid of some junk to make it easier for me during the move.

Someone at work mentioned that he has a friend who wants to rent out his apartment around where we work. I am hoping to go see the apartment this week. If I can rent directly from the owner, that would be really great. This way we can both eliminate broker costs.

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  1. good luck with looking at the apartment, hopefully it is perfect for you.